June 16, 2005

No love from Nebraska: 2005 WSOP Event #5, $1500 Limit Omaha 8

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Cell mate

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I'd never had the slightest bit of luck in Omaha Hi/Low Eight or Better tourneys, even on line, yet I entered another, believing I played at least as well as the field full of no-limit hold 'em specialists and other assorted donkeys. I drew table 24, seat nine, in the field of 699. There were a few recognized players at my table: Chuck Humphreys on my left in seat 10, Tommy Grimes in seat five, and Jean-Robert "Bobby" Bellande in seat six. Bobby got into a kafuffle with the floorman over use of his cell phone/radio, which they ruled violated the ban on using cell phones at the table even in radio mode with an earphone. He had called the floor over in the middle of a big pot with a silly request for an interpretation of the oversized-chip rule that everyone else at the table agreed he was wrong about, and while the floorman was there he noticed the cell phone and killed Bobby's hand. Bobby argued and argued and, amazingly, got the floorman to reverse his decision and award Bobby half the pot.


As for me, I got no cards, made one bad chase and one bad laydown of a King-high Flush on the Turn to a great raise by Tommy Grimes, who had the dry Ace and a wheel, and I was out early.


Dinner was the first of many at the Carnival World buffet at the Rio. I talked them into letting me combine the $10 off coupons since I was a "Seven Stars" elite gamb00ler and they had a "just say yes" policy for valuable fish like me.



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